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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fitness Walking Program

Help establish a fitness walking group at your workplace.

Walking for Fitness is one of the most popular Corporate Wellness programs due primarily to it's ease of implementation. Walking groups can cater to a large number of employees and has the added benefit of needing little space and having a low overhead over other programs.

Employees enjoy the flexibility of being able to do these programs during their lunch or scheduled breaks without becoming too sweaty to return to work. It takes very little equipment or investment from the employee but still has significant benefits to their health.

Apart from the obvious health benefits there are other benefits to both employer and employee including socialization, improved communication, team building, employee motivation, and employee retention. Employees also have reduced stress levels and more energy.

Hit The Road's Fitness Walking programs are scalable to fit your organizations needs from supporting program set-up, to ongoing fitness education for participants, to fully managed and supervised programs delivered by certified personal trainer specialists.

For more information about how your organization can realize the benefits of a workplace Walking for Fitness program, please contact tony@hittheroadrunning.com or visit corporatewellness.hittheroadrunning.com.

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