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Monday, April 20, 2009

More than just ROI

With today's economy there are a lot of organizations looking to save money and there are a lot of overstressed workers unsure of their futures.

This article examines real world cases where the ROI on corporate wellness programs gives a solid case for investing in your staff. Here is an excerpt of some of the companies who have had a solid ROI:

• Bank of America (Fries): $5.96/$1
• PacBell: $3.10/$1
• Wisconsin School District Insurance Group: $4.47/$1
• Prudential Insurance: $2.90/$1
• Bank of America (Leigh): $4.73/$1
• General Mills: $3.50/$1

But think about more than just the bottom line. These companies have happier employees who are more productive and have less stress. They will also be perceived as the employers to work for and an overall good corporate citizen.

As the economy has soured we have been run off our feet here at Hit The Road Running. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of engaging a Corporate Wellness expert to set up and run their programs. With ROI like those above, why wouldn't they?

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