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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Trail Running Program

Hit The Road Running's Trail Running Program is designed for organizations with a core of active runners who want team building opportunities and enhanced stress relief for their employees.

Ongoing trail running classes and one-time trail expeditions can be arranged off-site to encourage your employees to take a break and get back to the great outdoors.

The ongoing classes are offered within, or very close to, the city of Toronto where there is a wide range of off road trails available. Trail expeditions are offered in and out of town and can be used as active retreats for your employees and can also include other services offered by Hit The Road and our partners such as Yoga or Nutritional Counselling.

The Trail Running program is perfect for intermediate to advanced runners who are looking for some variety and covers topics such as;

Trail Running Technique,
Bush safety,
Navigation and,
Trail First Aid.

These programs are available to both Corporations and Large Active Lifestyle Clubs or Organizations.

For more information about how your organization can realize the benefits of a Trail Running program, please contact tony@hittheroadrunning.com or visit corporatewellness.hittheroadrunning.com.

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